A Message A Day for a month. 31 messages to unfold and read. Show how much you care and what they mean to you.

Little BOOK

Give your loved one a Little BOOK OF LOVE VOUCHERS.

Bring romance back into your life the easy way!

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Welcome to Message In A Tin!

For a limited time - Message In A Tin is $29.95




If ever a gift evoked such an incredible response of surprise and awe, Message In A Tin is it!

Your message, your love, your inspiration, written on a hand-rolled scroll and tied with a beautiful hand-tied ribbon. Then wrapped in the arms of a adorable teddy bear or bunny and sealed in a ring-pull tin.


Your Message In A Tin delivers everything you could possibly say, or wish you could say.


1.You choose or write your message

2.You choose a beautiful label for the outside of the tin

3.You choose your messenger bear or bunny, and we do the rest.


The responses to receiving these unique gifts of love and gratitude have been nothing short of astounding.

No matter what you want to say, there is no better way of sending your thoughts.


Flowers? Yes they’re beautiful, but how long do they last?


Chocolates? Yum for sure but they’re gone even quicker, with only the empty wrappers to remind the recipient what was once there.


Message In A Tin? They pull the ring on the sealed tin and out pops an adorable messenger bear or bunny holding your message. Resealable and lasts forever. A constant reminder of the day they opened it.


What do you want to say?

Message In A Tin promises to send your thoughts in a most unforgettable and unique way, then you just wait for their response!


You’ll wish you’d sent one ages ago and will come back again and again!


Extremely Happy, Recent Customers say:


Jul 28th, 4:35pm

Thank you so much. My Grandma sent me this message.

Grandad was over the moon, it will take pride of place on his dresser,he has called him tommy. Thank u so much. Xxxxx

Will post pics when i see mine soon. Thank you again.

                                                                      Rebecca S.

July 7 at 10:22pm

I can never put the right words on paper but u always have the best ideas, thanks so much, i need to get another one soon xo

                                                                         Hayley W. 


Order yours now!  Only $29.95 plus P&H